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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1934 chicago surface lines pullman-standard pre-pcc car#4001 SPTC174 Model 1 48

1934 Chicago Surface Lines Pullman-Standard pre-PCC Car#4001

Ref.#: SPTC174
Scale: 1:48
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In 1933 Chicago Surface Lines placed orders for two new experimental cars of radical design to J.G.Brill and Pullman-Standard companies. No specification have been prepared by CSL and both companies were instructed to build what they considered the best car that could be produced at this time. Pullman built streamliner No.4001 was delivered in July 1934. It had aluminum body, magnetic track brakes and PCC-type control and unusual painting scheme of medium blue and silver. Some changes were made after two months in service: the sealed windows were replaced with ones that could be opened and windows were put into the bottom halves of the doors. Called as a “Blue Goose”, the car No. 4001 operated during the 1934 Chicago World Fair and after that operated in regular service until 1948 whet it was put into a storage shed. In 1971 No.4001 was bought by the Illinois Railway Museum and since then it has remained here.
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