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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1947/53 toronto transportation commission pullman-standard pcc (order w6777; a-13 class; 4700-4747 series; ex-birmingham, acq. in 1953) - as outshopped by ttc in 1953. SPTC429 Model 1 48

1947/53 Toronto Transportation Commission Pullman-Standard PCC (Order W6777; A-13 class; 4700-4747 series; ex-Birmingham, acq. in 1953) - as outshopped by TTC in 1953.

Ref.#: SPTC429
Scale: 1:48
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Early in 1953 Toronto Transit Commission purchased fourty-eight PCC cars from Birmingham, Alabama. These cars were built by Pullman-Standard for the 'Pittsburgh of the South' in 1946/47 and were only six years old when were shipped to Toronto in May 1953. The ex-Birmingham cars were assigned by TTC to class A-13, being numbered 4700-4747. All cars were extensively rebuilt to conform to TTC electrical, safety and appearance standards. The front doors on cars remained unchanged, but center exit door was replaced by standard TTC design. The wings around headlight were removed and regular TTC features (advance light, red warning light behind the center doors, chrome grab rail between the center doors etc.) were applied. The A-13 class was assigned to Roncesvalles carhouse until the last car was removed from service in 1981. In 1976 nineteen cars of A-13 class were puchased from TTC by SEPTA, Philadelphia, which suffered a disastrous carhouse fire at Woodland depot in October 1975.
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