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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1937 washington capital transit co. st.louis car co. pcc (job 1608; 1101-1145 series) - as refurbished in 1947-49. SPTC82 Model 1 48

1937 Washington Capital Transit Co. St.Louis Car Co. PCC (Job 1608; 1101-1145 series) - as refurbished in 1947-49.

Ref.#: SPTC82
Scale: 1:48
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In February 1937 Capital Transit Co. placed the order for 45 new single end PCC cars to St.Louis Car Co. (Job 1608), the second order of non-standard PCC cars (first was Chicago's order for 83 extra-long and extra wide cars). According to Capital Transit Co. specification, these cars should be a standard PCC cars except for being one window shorter behind the center door, decreasing the length by two feer to 44'. This was due to Washington's limited carhouse and transfer table clearances. Another oddity of the Washington PCC cars was the use of an undeground conduit power collection system. First CTCo PCC order was split between 22 Westinghouse (1101-1122) and 23 GE equipped cars (1123-1145). The new PCC cars were delivered to Washington between August and October 1937 and first of them were placed in service on August 28, 1937 on 14th St. group of lines (routes 50, 52 and 54). 1101-1145 series cars had 50 seats, but two cars of this order had non-standard seating: car 1101 had four double seats on the right side, giving a seating capacity of 54. Car 1112 had 49-seat configuration which become standard starting with car 1196. The 1937 order was equipped with Chicago-style light fixtures which were repeated on the 1938 order. The low 1100s worked very hard during World War 2, and between 1947 and 1949 all cars of 1101-1145 series went through extensive rebuilding program. The blinker doors were replaced by folding doors, the right-side track sander was removed, dash lights were installed, front advertising rack was installed, the outward swinging rear windows were replaced with the sliding panel type, three roof-mounted air vents were installed. The refit also included the replacement of tread brakes on all cars of 1101-1145 series, except 1104 and 1118. The cars were repainted inside and out, with new revised exterior colors, introduced with 1465-1539 series cars, using Dupont Dulux Norway Green, gray and beige colors. The three-tone turquoise interior colors were also completely new and the CTCo logo was replac
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