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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1928/29 tmer&l milwaukee articulated diner car (1196/7-1198/9 series) SPTC407 Model 1 48

1928/29 TMER&L Milwaukee Articulated Diner Car (1196/7-1198/9 series)

Ref.#: SPTC407
Scale: 1:48
Interurban car
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First articulated Diner was built by TMER&L and put in service in March 1928 to provide dining service on the Watertown Division, numbered 1198-99. The second Diner, numbered 1196-1197, went into service in November 1929. They were 90 feet long and its only entrance was by a door just ahead of the center trucks. Four GE-254 motors were installed; they were required to move the unit’s 135,500 lbs. After several years the dining service was stopped and the interurbans were rebuilt to carry freight (in a portion of the rear car) and passengers. In the early 40s they were rebuilt to carry all passengers in both the front and rear cars. In their final rebuilt form, they were used extensively on the Port Washington line until 1948. In 1952 both cars were scrapped. This models represents the latest all-passenger version. (as rebuilt in early 1940s).
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