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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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cta chicago st.louis car pcc rapid transit car (6127-6130 series in "hot rod" paint scheme of 1960-64) SPTC164c Model 1 48

CTA Chicago St.Louis Car PCC Rapid transit Car (6127-6130 series in "Hot Rod" paint scheme of 1960-64)

Ref.#: SPTC164c
Scale: 1:48
Subway/Rapid Transit car
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The 6129-6130 cars (last two cars of first CTA Rapid Transit PCC order) were equipped with General Electric MCM control and GE motors. During its life they were used for many equipment tests. With recently delivered cars 1-4 and 6127-6128 set these cars reentered testing program in 1960, being repainted in the 'Hot Rod' painting scheme of luxury maroon, silver grey and tangerine red. In 1964 these two cars were repainted again into standard CTA colors.
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