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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1972 leningrad lm-68 rsh rail grinder car (rsh 001-003). SPTC34 Model 1 43

1972 Leningrad LM-68 RSH Rail Grinder Car (RSH 001-003).

Ref.#: SPTC34
Scale: 1:43
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The first brand new rail grinder based on LM-68 car was built in Leningrad in December 1972, fitted with modern rail grinding equipment. It was called LM-68RSH and was double-ended and had two semi-pantographs. The LM-68 lettering on the dash was replaced by the RSH (Rail Grinder in Russian) letters. Three cars were built for Leningrad (numbers 001-003), two cars were built for Kiev and Kharkov, Ukraine and one car went to Gorky. The cars were painted in regular LM-68 factory colors, later they were repainted in yellow livery with stripes and the semi-pantographs were replaced by regular Leningrad's type pantrographs. None of these rail grinders were preserved in St.-Petersburg, but RSH 005 survived in Gorky in active service, unfortunately early in 2005 it was damaged in collision with the truck and probably will be scrapped. The Kiev's LM-68 rail grinder is also survive.
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