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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1968/75 leningrad lm-68 "aquarium" pcc (6000-series) - original livery. SPTC16 Model 1 43

1968/75 Leningrad LM-68 "Aquarium" PCC (6000-series) - original livery.

Ref.#: SPTC16
Scale: 1:43
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In 1966-68 four articulated PCC cars called LVS-66 were built in Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) (numbered 1001-1004). They had a new very striking styling which was also adopted for new range of the single PCC cars called LM-68. First three cars of this new series were built in 1968 and were numbered 6001-6003. First car of this range (6001) had a unique body design close to the experimental LM-67 car built at the previous year, but the remaining two had the attractive styling with large side windows and roof glasses, which gives many light to the saloon, so they were called 'Aquarium'. The 6000-series cars were wired for multi-unit operation and had the remote controls first adopted for Leningrad trams. As all Leningrad trams started from LM-57 they had a B-3 trucks. In 1969 twenty-four more cars were built, numbered 6004-6027 and until 1975 365 cars of the 6000-series were delivered to five Leningrad's depots. First cars were sent to Depot No.1 and were used on the prestige route 3, working through city centre, and as two-car trains on new route 43 to the Kupchino outskirt. The 3-car MU trains were also introduced soon for use on the very busy route 53 connecting the city centre with north outskirts as well as on route 52 at the south-west of the city. Cars of 6000-series were delivered in new red-orange, white and light gray livery with additional gray stripe just below the windows, but it was omitted started from car 6008 early in 1969. 315 LM-68s were also built for other cities of the former Soviet Union: for Tashkent (70 cars); Magnitogorsk (61 cars); Saratov (57 cars), Gorky (55 cars); Arkhangel'sk (55 cars); Cherepovets (11 cars); Nizhni Tagil (5 cars) and Temirtau (1 car) [information via Aare Olander]. Despite these cars were so popular, more simple LM-68M cars were appeared in 1973 and starting from 1976 they replaced the 6000-series on the production line. The LM-68 cars remained in service until 1988; one car (No. 6249) was preserved.
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