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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1963/64 brisbane city council transport department fm "phoenix" tram (547-554 series). SPTC53 Model 1 43

1963/64 Brisbane City Council Transport Department FM "Phoenix" Tram (547-554 series).

Ref.#: SPTC53
Scale: 1:43
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The Brisbane tramway system came under the control of Brisbane City Council Transport Department in 1925 and it immediately set about modernising the fleet. The Dropcentre Type cars were introduced at the same year and 191 cars were built by 1938. In 1938, the prototype car (No. 400) of new streamlined class, called FM (four motors) was built, 147 cars of this type were delivered to the city. The new paint scheme was introduced with first FM class cars, all silver with broad Royal Blue band below the windows, but later cars were delivered in plain silver color with dark gray roof (in last years of service the cars were painted in dull gray color). On 28th September 1962, the Brisbane's Paddington depot was destroyed by fire along with 65 trams. This fire marked the beginning of the end for Brisbane's tramways system, however eight FM cars were built in 1963, using components and bogies salvaged from the fire. These cars, numbered 547-554, were painted in the different colour scheme including a symbol of phoenix. However, the system was closed on 13th April 1969. Three Phoenix cars were preserved (548, 550 and 554) along with seven other members of FM class.
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