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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1962 tokyo metropolitan transport bureau 7501-7520 series. SPTC182 Model 1 43

1962 Tokyo Metropolitan Transport Bureau 7501-7520 series.

Ref.#: SPTC182
Scale: 1:43
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Twenty cars of 7500-series were built in 1962, the order was split between Nippon Sharyo (7501-7510 series) and Niigata Engineering Co. (7511-7520 series) companies and all cars were put in service in December 1962. The new cars were of modern style and one of the most powerful in Tokyo fleet, being equipped with two 60kw motors, while the cars of old types were equipped with two motors of 35-40 kw only. The cars were painted in new yellow & red livery, which was later adopted for all fleet of Tokyo trams. The 7500s were used on routes 6, 9, 10; when most of the Tokyo tram system was abandoned they were transferred to the Arakawa line. First two cars, 7517 and 7519, were withdrawin in November 1972 after incident in depot. All remaining cars, except 7509 and 7514, were partitially rebuilt for one-man operation in June-September 1977 and received a blue stripe instead of red. In 1984 first of 7500-series cars, 7503, was fully rebuilt with new bodies and now 14 rebuilt cars are still in service at Arakawa line. Cars 7509 and 7514 were preserved.
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