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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1957/58 sncv/nmvb "standard exibition" (type se) tram (brabant group of routes) SPTC199-1 Model 1 43

1957/58 SNCV/NMVB "Standard Exibition" (Type SE) Tram (Brabant group of routes)

Ref.#: SPTC199-1
Scale: 1:43
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1958 was the year of the great World Exibition in Brussels. All SNCV local services were reorganised to feed into the Exibition. The company even had its own stand in the Belgian pavillion with specially sectioned N-type car (10485). Also, a special series of S-type cars were produced in 1957-58 to upgrade service standards. This group consists of 14 cars (9735, 9738, 9753, 9771, 9783, 9974, 9981, 9983-5, 10023-4, 10064 and 41011), they had new Kiepe electrical equipment, rheostatic brakes, warm-air heating, green leather seats and bronze-anodiesed alluminium fittings.
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