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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1954 tokyo metropolitan transport bureau 7001-7019 series - original livery. SPTC195 Model 1 43

1954 Tokyo Metropolitan Transport Bureau 7001-7019 series - original livery.

Ref.#: SPTC195
Scale: 1:43
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The order for first group of Tokyo's 7000-series cars (7001-7019) was placed in 1953 and it was split between Transportation Bureau shops, Nippon Sharyo and Naniwa Koki companies; all cars were delivered between February and May 1954; first six cars (7001-7006) were assigned to Otsuka depot (which was equipped only by 3000-series cars at that time) for use on routes 16 (Otsuka-Kinshibori) and 17 (Ikebukuro-Sukiyabashi) which were connected with new Marunouchi subway line, opened in January 1954. Other cars were split between different depots; cars 7013 and 7019 were assigned to Shinmeicho depot and were used on route 40 (Ginza-Shinmeicho) serving the city's centre. There was also car 7020 which had experimental TT101 trucks while all others had D18 trucks. Two 38kw motors were fitted (car 7020 had four 40kw motors). These cars were delivered in new livery of two-tone light green-blue which was very light and more darker livery variations were applied to next groups of 7000-series. The new cars were very popular in Tokyo; in 1967 they received an 3-piece front windshield and were withdrawn from service by 1972 and scrapped while cars of later groups were transferred to Arakawa line or sold to Hakodate.
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