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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1954 tokyo eidan marunouchi line 300-series subway car. SPTC68 Model 1 45

1954 Tokyo Eidan Marunouchi Line 300-series Subway Car.

Ref.#: SPTC68
Scale: 1:45
Subway/Rapid Transit car
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The Teito Rapid Transit Authority (Teito Kosokudo Kotsu Eidan, abbreviated Eidan) opened the Marunouchi line between Ikebukuro and Ochanomizu stations on 20th January 1954. This was a first subway line opened in Tokyo after the war (the first subway Ginza line was opened in Tokyo in 1927). To opening the new line, orders for 30 subway cars of 301-320 series were placed with four companies: Kisha Seizo Kaisha (301-310 & 323 series), Nippon Sharyo (311-314 series), Kawasaki Sharyo (324-330 series) and Kinki Sharyo (315-322 series). The cars were delivered starting from fall of 1953 and finally were accepted by Eidan in January 1954. The new cars received an attractive livery of red with white band and stainless steel stripes, designed by Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. After opening, the subway cars operated in 3-car trains in peak hours and in 2-car trains in the daytime. The new line was very popular in Tokyo and in March 1956 it was extended to Awajicho station and in July 1956 to Tokyo station. Six more cars of 431-436 series (similar in appearance to 300-series but with different ventilation system) were delivered in March 1956 and started from July 1956 four-car trains operated in the peak hours and three-car trains in the daytime. The system expanded quickly and famous red trains served Tokyo until 1996 (at total 320 cars of 300/400/500/900-series were built; some of them were sold to Buenos Aires, Argentina). Last car of 300-series (they were extensively modified started from late 1960s) was withdrawn from service in July 1996; car 301 was preserved in the Tokyo Subway Museum and car 319 was preserved and remain in the unrestored condition in Chiba prefecture.
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