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1954/56 gm pd-4501 greyhound® scenicruiser SPTC237 Model 1 48

1954/56 GM PD-4501 Greyhound® Scenicruiser

Ref.#: SPTC237
Scale: 1:48
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The famous Scenicruiser model was a result of Greyhound's efforts to develop a modern coach in immediate post-World War 2 years. Raymond Loewy was commissioned to do the styling of the bus and General Motors built a first prototype at its Pontiac, MI plant in 1953. Deliveries of new coaches, called PD-4501 by GM (Parlor Coach, Diesel, 43-seat) were started in August 1954 and continued until June 1956, when the last of 1,001 production Scenicruisers was finished. The deck-and-a-half coaches were 40 feet long and had standard 96 inches width. The Scenicruisers were equipped with air ride and dual Detroit Diesel engines were fitted (this engine arrangement proved to be most troublesome feature of the new coach). The first Scenicruisers entered service in late 1954 and became Greyhound flagships and were assigned to the most prestigious routes. All Scenicruisers were rebuilt in 1961-62 by Marmon-Herrington and its two 4-71 engines were replaced by single new Detroit Diesel 8V-71 engine. In 1970 500 of the remaining Scenicruisers were rebuilt again and the last of them were retired from Greyhound service in 1977-78. The Greyhound name and the Scenicruiser are registered trade marks and are reproduced with permission from Greyhound Lines, Inc.
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