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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1950 twin coach 52-s2 demonstrator for chicago transit authority SPTC222a Model 1 48

1950 Twin Coach 52-S2 Demonstrator for Chicago Transit Authority

Ref.#: SPTC222a
Scale: 1:48
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The first 102'-wide Twin Coach 52-S2 bus was built at January 17th, 1950 and was sent as demonstrator to Pacific Electric in the same month. In Summer 1950 the bus with serial number 2 came to Chicago as demonstrator. It was tested along streetcar route 9-Ashland and the record it compiled in the city so impressed the CTA officials that on July 27th the order for 500 such units was placed with the Twin Coach. The extra-wide centre-exit door was ordered by CTA for this batch, otherwise the design was similar. The paint scheme of the Twin demonstrator was also applied to the serial CTA propane Twin Coaches and the combination of the green and cream colors was also used on the CTA's buses, trolley coaches and streetcars after 1951. The demonstrator was later sold to Cleveland Transit Lines being numbered 3785.
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