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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1950/51 gm tdh-5103 (key system transit lines 2000-2049 series). SPTC238.03 Model 1 48

1950/51 GM TDH-5103 (Key System Transit Lines 2000-2049 series).

Ref.#: SPTC238.03
Scale: 1:48
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Key System Transit Lines was one of the first Customers for new GM TDH-5103 buses, the company received first 25 buses in September 1950 and another 25 in May-June 1951. This series was numbered 2000-2049. The first order were bought to replace the bridge route K Havenscourt, but their use on the motor coach conversion route was short lived. KSTL put them on their main line routes shortly there after and they saw heavy use on the 72M & 72P routes as well as the 80, 81, 81A, 82, and 83 routes. In later years they were repainted in the AC Transit colors.
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