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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1949 toronto transportation commission canadian car & foundry pcc (orders 1671/1830, a-7 class, 4400-4499 series) - original livery SPTC463 Model 1 48

1949 Toronto Transportation Commission Canadian Car & Foundry PCC (Orders 1671/1830, A-7 class, 4400-4499 series) - original livery

Ref.#: SPTC463
Scale: 1:48
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On 25 May 1948 Toronto Transportation Commission placed a new order with Canadian Car & Foundry Co for 100 MU PCC cars for use on the 10-mile long crosstown Bloor line which was TTC's busiest, maintaining a two-minute rush hour headway. The Traffic department recommended train operation on the theory that two cars could pass through a single light cycle more efficiently than single units. The St.Louis Car Co. shipped the PCC bodies to CCF between February and August 1949. Car 4400 was delivered on 27 July 1949. Following a test MU operation on Bloor St. west of Lansdowne on 1 August, nos. 4400 and 4401 were displayed at the Canadian National Exhibition that August and September. The final unit of the order, no. 4499, arrived at Hillcrest on 24 November. The first four A-7s started running as single units on Bloor on 25 August. Nos. 4408 and 4409 operated for the first time as a train in revenue service for a one-day test in the rush hour on the 30th. Meanwhile, track switches were altered to accommodate two-car trains and a new loop was put in at Danforth and Hillingdon which was made operational on 9 February 1950 and permitted off street coupling and uncoupling of the MU cars. Regular train service on Bloor with the 4400s commenced on 13 March 1950 with morning rush hour. Multiple unit operation, initially confined to peak hours only, was expanded to 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on 5 October 1953 and then to all day Saturdays on 10 October. With the A-7s settled down on Bloor, the A-6s were shifted to the Carlton, Harbord, Church, Parliament and Coxwell routes. The advent of the 4400s also permitted replacement on 21 May 1950 of two-man Witts on Bay St. on Sundays and holidays with PCCs.
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