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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1949/58 sncv/nmvb (type n) tram (brabant group of routes - brussels area; 10420-10485 series) SPTC199a Model 1 43

1949/58 SNCV/NMVB (Type N) Tram (Brabant Group of routes - Brussels area; 10420-10485 series)

Ref.#: SPTC199a
Scale: 1:43
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In 1941 the Cureghem works built a new car 10330 for urban service in Brussels. Until 1946, five lightweight cars (10330-10334) were built, known as 'pre-N'; one of the most unusual feautures of these cars was the use of the two underslung frame-mounted traction motors, with cardan shaft drive to outer axles of each truck. In 1948/49 four more pre-N cars were built, numbered 10334-10339, and in April 1949 the SNCV placed the order to Cureghem for first production cars. At total, sixty-five cars of 'Type N' were built for Brussels until 1954. Car 10485 was built in 1958 and it was shown at the Brussels World Exhibition. As SE-type cars, it had a luxurios interior and Kiepe controllers. As built, car 10484 received a modified version of the trucks, and in later years, the old trucks on all N-type cars were replaced by new onces. To reduce operating costs, cars 10472-10483 and 10485 were rebuilt in 1964 as one-man cars.
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