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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1949/51 tokyo metropolitan transport bureau 6135-6174 & 6175-6241 series (1951-1954 paint scheme). SPTC106 Model 1 45

1949/51 Tokyo Metropolitan Transport Bureau 6135-6174 & 6175-6241 series (1951-1954 paint scheme).

Ref.#: SPTC106
Scale: 1:45
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These two batches of the 6000-series cars were delivered to Tokyo in June-November 1949 (cars of 6135-6174 series) and between September 1950 and August 1951 (cars of 6175-6241 series). Starting from these series, the body design was improved and main difference between two classes was type of trucks: D10 on 6135-6174 series and D16 on 6175-6241 series. Original paint scheme was plain green and cream, but starting from early 50s, the new variaton was introduced on the 6000-series, with cream 'V' on the dash, which was so familiar for Tokyo streets in the 1950s. This livery was inspired by new paint scheme of the electric trains of National Railways, called 'Kintaro'; the wooden window frames were painted brown in this time. The trolley bases remained on the roofs of the cars after conversion to the bow collector operation.
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