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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1948 toronto transportation commission marmon-herrington tc-48 trolleybus (9125-9139 series; ex-cincinnati, acq. in 1953) SPTC468 Model 1 48

1948 Toronto Transportation Commission Marmon-Herrington TC-48 Trolleybus (9125-9139 series; ex-Cincinnati, acq. in 1953)

Ref.#: SPTC468
Scale: 1:48
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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In 1953, TTC acquired 15 Marmon-Herrington TC-48 trolley coaches from Cincinnati (built in 1948), they were extensively refurbished in the TTC workshop and received fleet numbers 9125-9139. Toronto's Marmoms outlasted all the Brilles, they had Westinghouse electrical equipment, and TTC used only GE equipment on its new Flyer trolley coaches. The last Marmon operated in revenue service in Toronto in June 1972.
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