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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1948 san francisco municipal railway st.louis car co. type d pcc (job 1667; 1006-1015 series) - post'55 modified "wings" livery (one-man operation). SPTC145-1 Model 1 48

1948 San Francisco Municipal Railway St.Louis Car Co. Type D PCC (Job 1667; 1006-1015 series) - post'55 modified "wings" livery (one-man operation).

Ref.#: SPTC145-1
Scale: 1:48
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After the electorate adopted the one-man ordinance in June 1954, MUNI sealed the doors on one side of cars 1006-1015 early in 1955 to make them unidirectional; the seating was increased to 60, the lights were changed to show all white to the front and all red to the rear. Later, on some cars, the unused doors were replaced with plain panels. In this configuration, type D cars remained in service until 1982; three of them (1007,1010 and 1015) were later refurbished for use on regular F-Line service.
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