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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1948/54 moscow mtw-82 tram (1242-1399; 2250-2408 series) - original livery. SPTC103.01 Model 1 43

1948/54 Moscow MTW-82 Tram (1242-1399; 2250-2408 series) - original livery.

Ref.#: SPTC103.01
Scale: 1:43
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By 1945, the Moscow tram undertaking had 972 motor and 1214 trailer cars, only 60 of them were modern M-38 cars, built before the World War II. During last years of the war, the Motor and Automobile Research institute in Moscow developed a unified model of buses and trolleybuses, which were very close in appearance to Yellow Coach/GMC buses. In 1947 twenty-five trams, using bodies of the new MTB-82 trolleybus were built on the military aviation Factory No. 82 in Tushino (it corresponds to 82 number in the vehicle index). There were numbered into 1065-1089 series, but there were a problems in operation because of the clearance difficulties. In Summer 1947 a modified version with narrowed front and end was designed and the serial production at Tushino's plant was started in September 1947. In 1947 Moscow received 14 new cars, they were allocated to Bauman's depot and were used on routes 5, 39, 50 and 54. Mass deliveries were started in 1948, with 189 cars arrived. The new cars were also allocated also to October's and Apakov's depots. In October 1948 the serial production of the MTW-82 trams was started also in Riga, by Rigas Vagonbuves Rupnica factory, which deliver the new cars to other Soviet cities, but Moscow's trams were built by Tushino's plant until Spring 1950 (453 cars were built at all). First Riga's built MTV-82 tram No. 2369 arrived in Moscow in 1951. By 1954, 469 MTW-82 trams were delivered to the Soviet's capital. First cars were built with pantographs, but were replaced by bow collectors shortly. A new streamlined livery of cherry red and cream was introduced on Moscow's MTW-82s and it was standard for all RVR factory built cars (1,707 at all) delivered to other cities of the Soviet Union. The drivers and staff liked MTW-82 very much for its simplicity, reliability and durability.
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