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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1947 birmingham electric co. pullman-standard pcc (order w6777; 800-847 series) - original livery. SPTC430 Model 1 48

1947 Birmingham Electric Co. Pullman-Standard PCC (Order W6777; 800-847 series) - original livery.

Ref.#: SPTC430
Scale: 1:48
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The Birmingham Electric Co. had been a member of the Electric Railway Presidents' Conference Committee but it late 1930s modernization program had been involved the rebuilding of a large fleet of second hand cars rather than purchasing the PCC cars. However, the company ordered 48 all-electric PCC cars from Pullman-Standard after the war and they were delivered to Birmingham during the late Spring and Summer of 1947, sporting a new attractive paint scheme and being numbered 800-847. They had a push-out center exit doors and their standee windows were tinted blue. The new cars were put into service on Sunday, August 31, 1947 on the #2 West End, #25 East Lake, #27 Ensley and #38 So. East Lake lines. The cars were a great success, however no more PCCs were ordered as in 1951/52 Birmingham Electric Co. was sold out to a group of the local business men which reorganized it as Birmingham Transit Co. and this new group was not conductive to streetcar operation. Since July 1952, the system was entirely PCC operated.
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