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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1947/48 toronto transportation commission canadian car & foundry pcc (orders 1665/1732, a-6 class, 4300-4399 series) - original livery. SPTC452 Model 1 48

1947/48 Toronto Transportation Commission Canadian Car & Foundry PCC (Orders 1665/1732, A-6 class, 4300-4399 series) - original livery.

Ref.#: SPTC452
Scale: 1:48
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Unlike other properties, TTC experienced post-war ridership increases with a three per cent jump recorded between 1945 and 1949. This and the desire to replace the 195 remaining former Toronto Railway wooden cars, prompted continued additional purchases of PCCs. On 2 May 1946 the TTC placed its first order (St. Louis Car Co. order no. 1665/Canadian Car & Foundry Co. no. 1732) for 100 (nos. 4300-4399, A-6 class) of the new all-electric PCCs which incorporated many improvements over the original air-electric design. St.Louis Car Co. shipped 100 stripped PCC car bodies to Canadian Car & Foundry in September-December 1947. To acquaint staff with all-electric operation, no. 4300 arrived at Hillcrest Shops on 22 December 1947, well in advance of her sisters. The car was sent to Danforth Division on 9 January 1948 to begin crew instruction and entered revenue service on Bloor on 1 February 1948. The balance of the order was shipped to Toronto between 18 February and 25 May save for two experimentally fitted cars which arrived in June. Nos. 4398 and 4399 had a roof-monitor with forced-draught ventilation fans and no. 4399 was additionally provided with fluorescent lighting. None of these enhancements was adopted fleetwide and the special equipment was removed from both cars by late 1949. When all the 4300s were on hand by June they provided all the base service on Bloor as well as augmenting the Harbord and Carlton routes. In an effort to brighten cars' interiors, TTC experimentally modified number 4300 on November 20, 1948 with mottled blue bulkheads, pale blue ceilings and red seat upholstery. Car 4301 followed soon thereafter. Car 4302 was modified in 1950 with the same blue scheme but with darker red seats and stainless steel seat backs.
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