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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1946 toronto transportation commission pullman-standard pcc (order w6750; a-11 class, 4625-4674 series, ex-cleveland acq. in 1952/53) - as outshopped by ttc in 1953. SPTC410a Model 1 48

1946 Toronto Transportation Commission Pullman-Standard PCC (Order W6750; A-11 class, 4625-4674 series, ex-Cleveland acq. in 1952/53) - as outshopped by TTC in 1953.

Ref.#: SPTC410a
Scale: 1:48
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Early in 1952 the Cleveland Transit System offered their PCC fleet for sale and Toronto Transit Commission specialist went to Ohio to inspect the vehicles and have found them in an excellent condition. TTC offer of $17,500 each for the 75 PCC was accepted by Cleveland Transit System in August 1952 and fifty Pullmans were shipped to Toronto between October 1952 and August 1953. The Cleveland Pullmans became TTC Class A11 and were numbered 4625-4674. They were refurbished by TTC and entered service in Toronto between February and November 1953; all Cleveland Pullmans were originally designed for subway-surface operation and were already wired for this type of service; cars 4627 and 4656 were equipped with couplers early in their TTC carriers; all other A11s received the couplers in late 1953 and early 1954. A11s were initially assigned to Harbord and Carlton routes at first and after the remaining MU equipment had been installed, the ex-Cleveland Pullmans together with A12 class joined the A7 class in providing two-car trains on the long Bloor and Danforth lines. The A11 class was withdrawn from service in Toronto in 1982. 'Stock' version of this model represents 'as outshopped by TTC in 1952-53' livery with old TTC logo and 'EXIT ONLY' signs at centre exit door, one-piece roll signs and without couplers (they will be included within the model separately). Cars 4627 and 4656 will be supplied with two-pieces roll signs and with installed couplers).
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