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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1946 acf-brill tc-44 (fort wayne transit inc. 168-177 series). SPTC424h Model 1 48

1946 ACF-Brill TC-44 (Fort Wayne Transit Inc. 168-177 series).

Ref.#: SPTC424h
Scale: 1:48
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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The Indiana Service Corporation introduced the trolley coach operation in Fort Wayne, IN on July 7, 1940. Twenty-eight Brill 40SMT trolley coaches were delivered to system openings and since them all new vehicles were delivered by this company. In May 1948, ISC sold its transit division to a group of local businessmen who formed Fort Wayne Transit Inc. The last new trolley coaches for the system were delivered in September 1946, again from ACF-Brill, these ten coaches were numbered 168-177. They were painted out in the attractive dark red & cream livery with art deco stripes. Due to ridership declines, they were sold to Indianapolis in 1953 and resold to Dayton in 1956. The Fort Wayne system was closed in 1960.
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