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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1946/49 twin city rapid transit co. st.louis car co. pcc (orders 1653,1660,1670; 300-439 series). SPTC453 Model 1 48

1946/49 Twin City Rapid Transit Co. St.Louis Car Co. PCC (Orders 1653,1660,1670; 300-439 series).

Ref.#: SPTC453
Scale: 1:48
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In January 1945 Twin City Rapid Transit Co. (TCRT) signed contract with St.Louis Car Co. for 40 all-electric extra wide PCC cars (Order 1653). They were shipped to TCRT between November 1946 and January 1947 and went into service on the University Ave. 'Interurban' line in December 1946. These cars received numbers 300-339 and were designed for two-man operation because the Interurban was the heaviest TCRT line and required two-man crews on streetcars. Later they were converted to one-man operation and the conductor's booth were removed. In August 1945 TCRT ordered 50 more cars from St.Louis Car Co. (Order 1660; cars 340-389), they were identical to the first lot, but were designed for one-man operation for use on the Glenwood Fourth Ave.South, Bryant-Johnson, Grand-Mississippi and St.Clair - Payne. They were shipped to TCRT between July and October 1947. The last, third order was placed with St.Louis Car Co. in November 1947 for 50 cars (Order 1670; 390-439 series), they were delivered in May-July 1949 for use on Bloomington-Columbia Heights, Grand-Monroe, Nicollet-Second and Hamline-Cherokee routes. In 1952, when the patronage on some lines was declined, the PCC cars were assigned to the Oak-Harriet and Como-Harriet lines. lines. The entire streetcar system was replaced by diesel buses by June 1954 and the fleet of 141 PCC cars was sold to Shaker Heights Rapid Transit (20 cars), Public Service Coordinated Transport for service in the Newark City Subway (30 cars) and to Mexico City.
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