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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1946/49 public service coordinated transport st.louis car co. pcc (1-30 series, ex-tcrt, acq. in 1953). SPTC454 Model 1 48

1946/49 Public Service Coordinated Transport St.Louis Car Co. PCC (1-30 series, ex-TCRT, acq. in 1953).

Ref.#: SPTC454
Scale: 1:48
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In 1952, Public Service Coordinated Transport decided to retain the rail operation on the municipally owned, 4.5 mile-long Newark City Subway and began scouting around for used modern streetcars. First considered were 25 Brilliners running in Atlantic City, but in summer 1953 30 all-electric PCCs, all in excellent condition, were purchased from Twin City Rapid Transit. They were repainted in the Public Service gray, white, blue and red livery and were numbered 1-30. The necessary loop was completed ar Franklin Ave. and revenue operation was started in January 1954. By the end of February the last conventional cars had been retired.
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