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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1945 washington capital transit co. st.louis car co. pcc (job 1645; 1465-1539 series) - original ctco livery SPTC178 Model 1 48

1945 Washington Capital Transit Co. St.Louis Car Co. PCC (Job 1645; 1465-1539 series) - original CTCo livery

Ref.#: SPTC178
Scale: 1:48
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The Washington's Capital Transit Co. placed an $1.5 million order with St.Louis Car Co. (Job 1645) in November 1943 for 75 PCC cars and 15 extra pairs of Clark B-2 trucks, which were delivered to the company between March and July 1945. Cars 1465-1501 were Westinghouse equipped and cars 1502-1539 received a General Electric equipment. Most notable in the new cars were the standee windows and air-operated drum brakes. In late 1944 the War Production Board relaxed some of its restrictions and these cars had stainless steel window sashes and stanchions, however the aluminum trim mouldings over car ends were still omitted and imitated by dark gray striping. The 1465-1539 series introduced a revised CTCo livery using Dupont Dulux Norway Green, gray and beige colors. Also introduced was chrome yellow stencil ads 'Street Cars & Buses in Your Service...'.
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