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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1945 pittsburgh railways co. st.louis car co. pcc 1600 "queen mary" (job 1644) - "as delivered" version. SPTC61 Model 1 48

1945 Pittsburgh Railways Co. St.Louis Car Co. PCC 1600 "Queen Mary" (Job 1644) - "as delivered" version.

Ref.#: SPTC61
Scale: 1:48
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In January 1944 Pittsburgh Railways Co. placed a new order to St.Louis Car Co. for 100 more air-electric cars of 1600-series. During the war the Transit Research Corp. began a major redesign of PCC car. The all-electric operation was adopted and carbody design was extensively modified. In November 1944 St.Louis Car Co. and PRCo agreed to built one car of Job 1644 as prototype for new PCC model. The car was individually built and was delivered to Pittsburgh in September 1945. Because of the wartime matherial shortage, dash wings were omitted and headlight rim was painted black. New car was unnofficially named 'Queen Mary'
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