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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1945 ford transit 49-b (chicago surface lines 4301-4335 series) SPTC230b Model 1 48

1945 Ford Transit 49-B (Chicago Surface Lines 4301-4335 series)

Ref.#: SPTC230b
Scale: 1:48
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Chicago Surface Lines acquired its first front-engined Ford Transit buses in 1936 and after the war continued to buy these economical gasoline-powered buses ideal for service on light feeder lines. In 1945 thirty-five rear-engined Transits of 49-B model arrived, first five were delivered in standard ODT gray and were painted by CSL by experimental blue, cream and red livery, same as on 1936 PCC cars. All other coaches were painted in the regular CSL red and cream livery. First batch was numbered 4301-4335 and in 1947 remaining twenty coaches arrived (79-B model), numbered 4336-4355. Despite their small size, Transits were used in Chicago not only at low density routes, but at last years of service also on rush-hours assignment to such busy routes as 56 Milwaukee Limited and 49 Western. Having a long life in Chicago, Transits were retired in 1957-58.
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