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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1945/46 pittsburgh railways co. st.louis car co. interurban pcc (job 1646; 1613-1619; 1644-1648 series) - "hourglass" livery SPTC72a-1 Model 1 48

1945/46 Pittsburgh Railways Co. St.Louis Car Co. Interurban PCC (Job 1646; 1613-1619; 1644-1648 series) - "Hourglass" livery

Ref.#: SPTC72a-1
Scale: 1:48
Interurban car
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In January 1946, car 1613 from Craft Ave. car house was modified for interurban operation on the Charleroi (35-miles one-way, later Library), Washington (29-miles one-way, later Drake), Castle Shannon // Overbrook-local service (7-miles one-way). The life-guard was removed and replaced with a pilot, the trolley-catcher centered above the windows was removed and replaced with a retriever below the rear windows, the left-side rear window was hinged to open for trolley rope access, and an extra trolley pole was installed on the roof. All PCC Interurban cars also sported a tool box and fire-fighting equipment along with 2-way FM radios for the cars assigned for Washington service. Car 1613 had unique design of the pilot, other cars converted to interurban service had different pilot design. The tests were successful and car 1614 also was modified in May 1946 to the same configuration, both cars received St.Louis-built B3 trucks with this design tested under various PRCo 1200-series cars, including 1230 and 1278 and other cars, beginning in 1940-1941. In April 1946 PRCo ordered ten more B3 trucks from St.Louis Car Co., they were delivered in September-October 1947 and were installed on cars 1615-1619 and 1645-1648 which were also converted for use on the Washington route. These are the only air-operated B3 trucks, all other B3 trucks are all-electric. (PCC 1644 was briefly used for Interurban service sporting the Clark B2-A trucks, fore runners to the B2-B (used only on PRCo city cars, 1725-1799, and Toronto 4500-4549.) Motormen were not told about the trucks on 1644 but Motormen made a point to report the exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride! PCC 1644 reverted to City service on 19-May-1949.) They served as a guinea pig for various components later ordered for 1700-1724 series interurban PCCs. Concurrent with the 1949 delivery of the 1700-series All-Electric PCCs (both Interurban (1700-1724) and City Cars), the 1601-series cars converted for interurban service were outfitted with a sealed-beam roof headlight.
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