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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1944 ford transit 49-b (chicago & west towns railway co. №343) - as preserved at the illinois railway museum. SPTC230h-1 Model 1 48

1944 Ford Transit 49-B (Chicago & West Towns Railway Co. №343) - as preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum.

Ref.#: SPTC230h-1
Scale: 1:48
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The Chicago & West Towns Railway Co., later West Towns Bus Co., operated in Chicago's near west suburbs. In 1941-43 the company acquired 80 Ford Transit 19-B & 29-B coaches of 253-332 series and after the war ordered ten more Transits of 333-342 series.In 1948 last Chicago and West Towns Railway Co. streetcars were replaced with buses. In 1989 ex-Montebello (CA) Municipal Lines Ford Transit 49-B model was acquired by Illinois Railway Museum and in 1996 it was painted into the Chicago & West Towns Railway Co. colors and numbered 343.
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