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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1944/45 british columbia electric railway co. canadian car & foundry pcc (orders 1555/1605, 404-435 series) - post'49 livery. SPTC450-2 Model 1 48

1944/45 British Columbia Electric Railway Co. Canadian Car & Foundry PCC (Orders 1555/1605, 404-435 series) - post'49 livery.

Ref.#: SPTC450-2
Scale: 1:48
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Late in 1949 BCER began repainting its PCCs in Rineaux cream with red thunderbird decorations. The Kingsway routes were converted in 1950 and the PCC cars were transferred to the Grandview and Hastings East routes, last of them was converted in April 1955. The BCER attempted to sell all its PCC cars to Toronto in 1951, but the offer was rejected. After end of the rail service, the cars were sold to a dealer who tried to sell them to Vienna, Austria, but without success. The bodies of the Vancouver PCCs were scrapped while their equipment was sold to other properties.
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