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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1943 twin coach model 44gtt trolleybus (georgia power co. 1043-1048 series.) SPTC114a Model 1 43

1943 Twin Coach Model 44GTT Trolleybus (Georgia Power Co. 1043-1048 series.)

Ref.#: SPTC114a
Scale: 1:43
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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In 1941 Atlanta’s Georgia Power Co. ordered new trolleybuses from Twin Coach to replace streetcars on route 5-A. But after the Pearl Harbor the plans for this conversion was stopped and model 44GTT trolleybuses were absorbed into existing lines. In 1942 Atlanta received 13 40-seat model 40-RWTT vehicles and in 1943 six additional 44-seat model 44GTT trolleybuses were delivered; both under control of Office of Defence Transportation (ODT) in Washington. These Twins were in service mainly on premier route No.23 to Oglethorpe. Two sets of overhead were installed to provide the express service on this route.
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