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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1942/46 emt madrid fiat pcc (1001-1050 series) SPTC128 Model 1 43

1942/46 EMT Madrid FIAT PCC (1001-1050 series)

Ref.#: SPTC128
Scale: 1:43
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The Spanish capital city had a very extensive tram network and at its peak the system comprised more than 35 routes. In 1942 one of two first European PCC (#1001), built by FIAT in Italy, was sent as demonstrator to Madrid's Empresa Mixta de Transporters Urbanos company and 49 additional cars were ordered in the same year. Because of the World War 2 conditions, first cars (1002-1007 and 1009) were delivered only in 1944. Some cars of Madrid order were damaged during constuction at FIAT in January 1944, however the damaged cars were repaired and sent to Spain. Car #1010 was diverted by German Army to Berlin but it was never placed in service, stripped down and remained at the BVG headquarter in Wittenau at least until late 50s. Additional PCC to replace #1010 was built for Madrid in 1946. The PCCs were placed in service in 1945 and the whole order was competed by March 1946. Madird PCCs were equipped with the B2-type trucks and had CGE (Italian subsidary of the General Electric) equipment. Between 1951 and 1958 110 additional PCCs (#1051-1160) were built in Spain under FIAT license. In 60s the system was gradually replaced by metro and by 1967 there remained only seven routes and tramway fleet was only PCC-operated. The whole system was closed in June 1972.
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