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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1938/39 moscow jatb-3 trolleybus. SPTC111 Model 1 43

1938/39 Moscow JaTB-3 Trolleybus.

Ref.#: SPTC111
Scale: 1:43
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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In June 1938 first JaTB-3 trolleybus was delivered to Moscow and was put in revenue service in September 1938 and the whole batch of 10 was in service by October 1939. The JaTB-3 was a direct copy of the AEC 664T/English Electric trolleybus, built for Moscow in 1937, however there were minor changes in design: the front windows on the upper deck were not opened (the AEC/EE trolleybus was later modified in the same way), the design of the front marker lights on the roof was changed. First JaTB-3s were delivered in the same blue and cream livery as AEC/EE, later deliveres had a few variations in location of cream area. Started from trolleybus 1010 (in May 1940) the JaTB-3s received a front doors for better crowd circulation. All Moscow double-decker's survived the war, first of them was withdrawn in 1946 and despite the wooden bodies of the JaTB-3s were strengthened in 1945-47 (according to some reports, a few BUT 9641 chassis were imported to Soviet Union after the war), the last of them was withdrawn from service in 1953. Nikita Khruschev's remembered that Stalin was not in favour of the double-deck trolleybuses; in 1959 when Nikita Khruschev was a General Secretary of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, a Soviet trade delegation inspected a specimen Q1 vehicles offered for sale by London Transport (for possible use in Moscow?).
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