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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1938/39 london transport leyland k1/k2-class trolleybus (1055-1354 series) - post-war livery SPTC434-1 Model 1 43

1938/39 London Transport Leyland K1/K2-class Trolleybus (1055-1354 series) - post-war livery

Ref.#: SPTC434-1
Scale: 1:43
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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After the Second World War the livery of the London Transport trolleybuses was slightly changed. The silver centre part of the roof was painted red oxide and the rear dome was painted gloss brown. The stencil route numbers were omitted by 1949 and at this time the nearside blinds were also modified with route number added. The nearside Trolleybus motif was omitted after 1953. On 28 April, 1954, the LPTB announced that the trolleybus fleet would be replaced by buses and between 1959 and 8 May 1962 the London trolleybus system was closed. Three K-class trolleybuses were preserved: 1201 at Carlton Colville, 1253 at London Transport and 1348 by Tramway Museum Society of Ireland. Early post-war livery (with nearside Trolleybus motif, stencil route numbers and original side blinds available on special order. Please check the Options page for more details. This livery available also on order for F1-class (Ref.435) and K3-class *) (Ref.434a) models. *) - no stencil route numbers as built.
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