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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1938/39 london transport leyland k1/k2-class trolleybus (1055-1354 series) - original livery SPTC434 Model 1 43

1938/39 London Transport Leyland K1/K2-class Trolleybus (1055-1354 series) - original livery

Ref.#: SPTC434
Scale: 1:43
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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At its peak of the trolleybus network in London operated some 1,800 vehicles making it the largest system in Britain and, for a period, in the world. Following the creation of the London Passenger Transport board in 1933, the trolleybus became the choosen form of vehicles for tramcar replacement and the majority of the routes in north and east London were converted to trolleybus operation. In October 1937, London Transport ordered 200 trolleybuses from Leyland, beign very satisfied with quality and prices of the one hundred F1-class vehicles, delivered in 1937. In December 1937 100 additional trolleybuses were ordered and whole class, classified as K (K1 had Metrovick type control equipment, 1055-1154 & 1255-1304; K2 were English Electric equipped, 1155-1254 & 1305-1354) was delivered between October 1938 and June 1939, this was a biggest single trolleybus order in the LT history. The K-class had a distinctive low doorway and was one of the most solidly built London trolleybuses. The Leyland TTB4 chassis was used and 70-seat bodywork was buit by Leyland to London Transport specification. The K-class was used initially for Scheme 4 of the conversion, when all remaining tram routes north of the Thames were replaced by trolleybuses with the exception of the three Kingsway subway routes.
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