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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1937 pittsburgh railways co. st.louis car co. pcc (job 1604; 1000-1099 series) - in late 1950s "hourglass" livery. SPTC56-1 Model 1 48

1937 Pittsburgh Railways Co. St.Louis Car Co. PCC (Job 1604; 1000-1099 series) - in late 1950s "Hourglass" livery.

Ref.#: SPTC56-1
Scale: 1:48
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Started from early 1940s, cars of 1000-series received some modifications. The full-width anticlimbers were installed on most cars (but few cars retained the original anticlimbers), the skirting over the towing socket had been removed, rear marker lights were replaced by 'tube' type design, and interior window guards were changed to 1200-series type. Some cars received the 'hourglass' livery in the 1950s.
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