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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1937 moscow aec 664t/english electric trolleybus. SPTC111a Model 1 43

1937 Moscow AEC 664T/English Electric Trolleybus.

Ref.#: SPTC111a
Scale: 1:43
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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The double-deck trolleybuses in Moscow was the idea of Nikita Khruschev, chairman of the Moscow Committee of the Comunist Party. In November 1936 the order was placed to AEC and English Electric for sample trolleybus, which was built in April 1937 and was shipped to Leningrad on board SS Luga. It had a blue and cream livery in very typically British style. Trials in Moscow began on 22d July 1937 at depot 2. Higher wiring was erected along Leningrad's shosse and double-decker entered service along this section of route 1 on 1st September 1937. In October 1937 the british trolleybus was towed to Jaroslavl factory where its design was copied and ten JaTB-3 trolleybuses were built (according to some sources an Jaroslavl-built bodies were fitted to imported Leyland chassis). The AEC was returned to Moscow and with JaTB-3 trolleybuses was used on services 1 and 2K, which were united in April 1939 to 'double-deck' service 12. While JaTB-3 trolleybuses were fitted with front door started from May 1940, the body of AEC/EE trolleybus remained unchanged; it was withdrawn from service in 1948.
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