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1937 london transport leyland f1-class trolleybus (654-753 series) - original livery SPTC435 Model 1 43

1937 London Transport Leyland F1-class Trolleybus (654-753 series) - original livery

Ref.#: SPTC435
Scale: 1:43
Trolleybus/Trolley coach
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In February 1937 Leyland delivered the first trolleybus of F1-class to London, numbered 654, with chassis and body built at the Lancashire factory. Between March and December 1937, the remaining 99 trolleybuses of the class arrived. First ten vehicles (654-663) were built to the half-cab design, the remaining members of the class were built to the full width cab design. Also, first eleven F1s (654-664) were built without the ventilators above the windscreen and remained in this condition until the end. The F1s were ordered more powerful than other LT trolleybuses in order to use on the Uxbridge Road route. The rear end of the vehicles was strengthened with additional support inserted over the platform area. The F1s were allocated mainly to the busy routes 607 (where they replaced the D2-class) and 655, operated from Hanwell depot.
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