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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1937/40 glasgow corporation transport coronation tram (1143-1292 series) - early post-war livery (1945-1952) SPTC446-2 Model 1 43

1937/40 Glasgow Corporation Transport Coronation Tram (1143-1292 series) - early post-war livery (1945-1952)

Ref.#: SPTC446-2
Scale: 1:43
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Once the World War II ended, it took some time for maintenance to restore the Coronation cars to pre-war high standards. The longitudinal seating arrangement, introduced during 1943-44 was modified to a combination of transverse and corner longitudinal seats. The semaphore-pattern trafficators were overpanelled and eventually removed. Starting from late 1940s, further modifications were introduced on the Coronation cars. The end windows on the upper saloons had the half-drop windows removed and replaced with solid glazing with small glazing port for access to the bow rope starting from 1949.
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