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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1937/38 los angeles railway st.louis car co. type p pcc (jobs 1606 & 1609; 3001-3095 series). SPTC65 Model 1 48

1937/38 Los Angeles Railway St.Louis Car Co. Type P PCC (Jobs 1606 & 1609; 3001-3095 series).

Ref.#: SPTC65
Scale: 1:48
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In August 1936 Los Angeles Railway ordered 60 PCC cars from St.Louis Car Co. (Job 1606). LARY split its equipment order between the two major electrical suppliers: the first 20 cars (3001-3020) were to have Westinghouse motors and control and remaining forty cars (3021-3060) were GE-equipped. First two cars, 3001 and 3002 arrived in Los Angeles in March 1937 and on March 23, these two cars, shrouded in white canvas, were unveiled by L.A. Mayor Tom Shaw and child film star Shirley Temple, in a ceremony in front of City Hall. The PCC cars bore a new paint scheme with chrome yellow below the belt rail and lemon yellow above the belt rail. The narrow-gauge Los Angeles Raiway required a totally different truck, produced by Clark Equipment Co. and called B-1. Next cars arrived only in mid-June, and finally, on July 26, the first eight PCC cars went into regular service on the P Line. Public reaction to these modern cars was very favorable and in April 1937 (on the next month after the initial introduction) LARY placed new order to St.Louis Car Co. for 100 more PCC cars, but later altered it to but 35 cars, which were delivered in September-November 1938. They were numbered 3061-3095 and were similar to cars of the first order. This group of cars was GE-equipped. Type P cars were operated with two men from May 1939 to August 1941 and were known as class P-1 when Los Angeles voted for two-man operation on all local street car lines. Cars 3001 and 3002 had their windshield slope accentuated soon after delivery to cut down on glare. The 'stock' version represents the 'first repaint' condition with brown canvas roof and trolley pole shroud and modified sun visor.
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