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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1936 baltimore transit co. st.louis car co. pcc  - original livery SPTC77 Model 1 48

1936 Baltimore Transit Co. St.Louis Car Co. PCC - Original livery

Ref.#: SPTC77
Scale: 1:48
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Job 1601; 7001-7027 series; 7001-7022; 7301-7305 series from 1939) In January 1936 Baltimore Transit Co. placed the order with St.Louis Car Co. for test lot of 27 PCC cars. This was the second St.Louis Car Co. PCC order and the cars were shipped to Baltimore between August and November 1936. On September 2, 1936, the first of these cars, No. 7023, was delivered to the Carroll Park shops of the BTCo. First five cars to be delivered underwent two monthes of extensive test operation and finally, on December 1st, 1936, they were placed in service on route 31 Garrison Blvd. On December 20, they went on route 25 Mt.Washington, also operated out of Belvedere carhouse. Twenty two cars of this order were GE-equipped (7001-7022) and five (7023-7027) had Westinghouse equipment. With the arrival of the Pullman-Standard PCC cars in 1939, St.Louis Car Co. PCCs with WH equipment were renumbered 7301-7305 in order to group cars according to electrical equipment. The anticlimbers on Baltimore PCC order were lowered to match heights on Peter Witt cars. The Baltimore cars were unique in the application of 'Ice-cube Tray' Ivanhoe light fixtures by Electric Service Supplies Co. The paint scheme of the new PCC cars resulted from a contest sponsored by the Maryland Institue of Art. The factory paint scheme had one narrow dividing stripe between Pearl Gray roof and cream window area located just above lower moulding strip. The Baltimore Transit lettering and BTCo emblem were added later. While the modified livery with cream back windows was applied on the cars started from 1943, some of the St.Louis Car Co. PCC cars retained the original livery until the yellow and gray paint scheme was introduced by the BTCo. Last green cars went through paint shop in 1951.
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