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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1936/37 glasgow corporation transport ex-liverpool "green goddess" tram SPTC443 Model 1 43

1936/37 Glasgow Corporation Transport ex-Liverpool "Green Goddess" Tram

Ref.#: SPTC443
Scale: 1:43
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In the early 1950s city of Glasgow still had no plans for the conversion of the tramway system and their large fleet of 'Standard' cars built between 1899 and 1924 urgently required replacement. In June 1953 the Corporation approved the purchase of twenty-four Liverpool streamliners, which were placed in service between October 1953 and April 1954 being numbered 1006-1016 and 1018-1030. The cars were modified through replacement of the trolley pole with Glasgow's bow collector, the fitting of the replacement lifeguards and the removal of collision fenders in order to improve clearances. The bogies were also regauged and cars were repainted into the standard Glasgow livery. The cars were allocated to the Maryhill depot for use over the extended route No. 29 from Broomhouse to Milngavie. In Glasgow the cars suffered the same problems that had afflicted them in Liverpool and, after a number of fires, all were progressively rewired and other work was also undertaken. Between July and November 1954 twenty-two more cars were acquired from Liverpool, being numbered 1031-1038; 1041-1049 and 1052-1056; they were placed in service between September 1954 and May 1956; cars started from Nos. 1044 were allocated to the Parkhead depot. In the later years most cars had their Liverpool seats replaced with those removed from Glasgow Standard cars. The life of Liverpool cars in Glasgow was short: last car (No. 1036) was withdrawn from service in July 1960. Car 1055 (Liverpool 869) was acquired for preservation and was restored to its post-war Liverpool livery at Crich. The 'stock' version represents car 1018 in 'as outshopped by GCT in 1953' condition. The orders may be accepted for other car numbers than 1018 but please note that because of the extensive rebuilds no two were the same. The modelled front end design is valid for Liverpool car numbers up to 929.
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