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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1931 lehigh valley transit co. acf coach-lounge car №1030 (ex-irr, acquired in 1941). SPTC438 Model 1 48

1931 Lehigh Valley Transit Co. ACF Coach-Lounge Car №1030 (ex-IRR, acquired in 1941).

Ref.#: SPTC438
Scale: 1:48
Interurban car
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The Lehigh Valley Transit Company provided trolley service from Philadelphia through Norristown to Allentown, PA from 1912 to September of 1951. This interurban line was known as Libery Bell Route. The company distinguished itself in the transit industry with its remarkable 1938-1940 rehabilitation program and the stars of the modernization were the thirteen ex-Cincinnati and Lake Erie highspeed cars. They were extensively modified by the LVT and were renumbered into the 1000 and the 1020 series. In December 1940 car 1004 was destroyed by fire on Philadelphia and Western Railway company's third rail trackage at King Manor. In January 1941 Lehigh Valley Transit Co. purchased club car No. 55 from Indiana Railroad Co. as replacement for its lost car 1004. The former IRR car was extensively rebuilt by LVT to specifications like the C&LE cars, mounted on car 1004's Cincinnati ABC trucks and given the number 1030. The LVT attractive livery of picador cream and mountain ash scarlet with pearl gray roof was applied. Lehigh Valley Transit Company retained the interior club arrangement, but installed the refrigerator at the first left side window. Transit company officials introduced No.1030 to the public on September 14, 1941 and on October 3, 1941, luxury car entered the revenue service on the Liberty Bell Route. Passenger traffic increased steadily after United States's entrance into World War II in December 1941 and in May 1942 several side-facing individual chairs were removed and replaced by forward and rearward facing sofas in order to increase the seating capacity from thirty to thirty-six.
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