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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1930 baltimore united railways & electric co. j.g.brill peter witt car (6001-6050; 6101-6120 series) - original livery. SPTC440 Model 1 48

1930 Baltimore United Railways & Electric Co. J.G.Brill Peter Witt Car (6001-6050; 6101-6120 series) - original livery.

Ref.#: SPTC440
Scale: 1:48
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The Baltimore's United Railways & Electric Co. ordered 150 Peter Witt streetcars in March 1930 from J.G. Brill company (100 cars) and Cincinnati Car Co. (50 cars). These cars costs $2,550,000 and went into operation in August 1930. The Brill's products were numbered 6001-6050 (Westinghouse equipped), 6101-6120 (GE equipped) and 6121-6150 (WH equipped; these cars had also differences in trucks, wheels diameter etc.). The Cincinnati Car Co. cars were numbered 6051-6100, being GE equipped and had also differences to main batch of Brill cars. The cars were equipped with PC (pneumatic cam) controllers which enabled them to accelerate very quickly. They were very comfortable, having pleasant interior, brown leather seats, window shades and nice lighting. However, despite this effort to equip the rolling stock with such fine cars, conditions were beyond of company's control: by 1933 the ridership had dropped to about almost twice compared with year 1929, because of the depression and the increased use of the automobiles. In January 1933, the UR&E company was officially declared bankrupt. The UR&E Co. was reorganized in 1933-1935 and on July 9, 1935, the company's name was changed to Baltimore Transit Co.
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