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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1929 chicago surface lines peter witt "sedan" 3322-3381; 6280-6319 series SPTC414 Model 1 48

1929 Chicago Surface Lines Peter Witt "Sedan" 3322-3381; 6280-6319 series

Ref.#: SPTC414
Scale: 1:48
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The last group of cars built for the Chicago Surface Lines before the introduction of the PCC was of 100 cars of the Peter Witt design. These cars were built by CSL, J.G.Brill and Cummings Car Co. in 1929 and were numbered 3322-3381 by Chicago Railways and 6280-6319 by Chicago City Railway. They differed from other CSL cars because they had a front entrance and centre exit with the conductor station at the centre of the car. First ten Peter Witt cars went into service in October 1929 on Clark-Wentworth line. CSL spent $100,000 to modify loop tracks along the line to handle the single-end cars, which were the largest standard cars on the Surface Lines. After the conversion of the Clark-Wentworth line to PCC cars, the Peter Witts were transferred to Cottage Grove line and most of them were scrapped in 1952 when this line received the pre-war PCC cars.
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