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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1918/19 philadelphia transp. co. j.g.brill suburban pc train - as rehabilitated in 1942; prt/ptc orange livery SPTC419b Model 1 48

1918/19 Philadelphia Transp. Co. J.G.Brill Suburban PC Train - as rehabilitated in 1942; PRT/PTC orange livery

Ref.#: SPTC419b
Scale: 1:48
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World War II meant a huge demand for high-capacity equipment and in October 1942 twenty 4000s were rebuilt and had couplers restored to one end for operation as 2-car trains on route 79S, running from Phildelphia Quartermaster Depot in South Philadelphia to the Navy Yard. They were called as 'Suburban PC Train' and were retired from service in November 1947 and were sold for scrap.
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