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St.-Petersburg Tram Collection
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1912 chicago & west towns railways  mcguire cummings streetcar (107-120 series) - one-man version (1928-1938 livery) SPTC411-1 Model 1 48

1912 Chicago & West Towns Railways McGuire Cummings Streetcar (107-120 series) - one-man version (1928-1938 livery)

Ref.#: SPTC411-1
Scale: 1:48
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Chicago & West Towns Railway Co. was formed in 1913, acquiring County Traction Co. operations in Chicago's western suburbs, and the Suburban Railroad Co. The Evanston Railway Co. meanwhile was formed to acquire the County Traction Co. operations within Evanston. In March 1912 twenty arch-roof semi-steel cars were ordered by Suburban Railroad Co. from the McGuire-Cummings Car Manufacturing Company. These cars were pattened after the Chicago Railways Company's 'turtleback' cars of 1577-1720 series. When this order was cancelled by Suburban, 14 of these cars, numbered 107-120 were delivered to County Traction Co. and then were acquired by Chicago & West Towns Railways in 1913. In 1928 this group of cars was converted to one-man operation and the bulkheads were removed.
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